29. January 2018

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A fully automated Laboratory - reSTEMLab - Picture for downloadLink

The world's first cloud controlled remote STEM laboratory will be officially presented by SupraTix at LEARNTEC 2018

29. January 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

SupraTix, a Dresden-based edtech, introduces the unique cloud controlled remote STEM laboratory with a high-performance Robot Yu-Mi at LEARNTEC 2018 in Karlsruhe

A fully automated Robot (Research-as-a-Service model) installed in the ReSTEMLab enables to make experiments from anywhere with Internet connection. The user inserts data of an experiment and makes observations live on real equipment by capturing, studying, manipulating, and analyzing rich experimental data, operated through SupraTix LernCloud. Besides experimental opportunities the user can take advantage of learning analytic tool and proprietary Learning Management System (LMS).

"Laboratory of the Future": reSTEMLab connects IT with real experiments, that would otherwise be inaccessible for cost or technical reasons, like safety, security or access. Initially elaborated for educational organizations the reSTEMLab has already gained interest of technology companies in terms of trainings and simulations features.

You can download the pressmaterial with text and images here as a .zip file

A bout SupraTix

As a full-service E-learning provider for companies of all sizes and industries, museums and educational institutes, SupraTix helps clients to make e-learning fun. SupraTix offers a modern proprietary Management Learning System and Business Learning Solutions, including cloud-simulation, AI, IoT, VR/AR, LIVE Webinar and a package of solutions for HR. LearnTec 2018, 30.01- 1.02. 2018, Halle 1 / E103

Bildmaterial zur Pressemitteilung erhalten Sie here.

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