12. June 2018

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SupraTix enables Digital - Cebit 2018

12. June 2018
Dresden, Germany

SupraTix GmbH, a startup founded in Dresden in 2016, is developing a hybrid solution for corporate learning.

The corporate routine is becoming more digitalized and connected. Companies looking for new forms to attract, motivate and involve workforce in a learning process.
The aim of hybrid solution is to raise employees’ internal motivation to reach learning goals.

The solution is that a training’s content and purposes penetrate ingenious an everyday routine in order to provide a long-term insight into a topic learnt. The employee gets into the topic “by doing” while the learning process is under the radar. The hybrid solution consists of four blocks creating a virtual world where 20-minutes multimedia microlearning modules, awards (including serious game) and a personal IoT-Button are connected. The IoT-Button can receive employee’s interaction and provide feedback.

SupraTix GmbH
SupraTix offers the innovative cloud solutions in the field of smart environments: a proprietary product for predicted learning, world´s first cloud robots, a cloud-controlled and optimized production processes as well as artificial intelligence in competency-based employee development. SupraTix produces web-based training with html5 content, serious games, VR / AR, EdTech IoT hardware, webinars and online-contests as well as e-learning consulting services.

CEBIT 2018: 12-13 June 2018, Stand D05, Halle 17
For more Information visit https://supratix.com
For more Information about SupraTix Cebit Highlights: https://supratix.com/B1XUH

SupraTix contact persons:
Tobias Goecke
E-Mail: tobias.goecke@supratix.com
Twitter: @tgoecke

Jeannette Milius
Head of Smart Learning Environments
E-Mail: jeannette.milius@supratix.com

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Contact person for your press enquiry

Tobias Göcke

E-mail: presse@supratix.com
Phone: +49 (0) 351 33948400


SupraTix GmbH
Bautzner Str. 45-47,
01099 Dresden

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