We call it LernCloud!

An e-learning solution for everyone: from the school cloud to the training cloud to the training cloud.

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Intelligent Learning Cloud With SupraTix you not only get a tool in your hand, but a new world opens up for you.

The SupraTix LernCloud is a web-based learning platform that takes you to new worlds of learning with its unique functions. Everyone, from students to employees, benefits from the platform's multifaceted dimensions:

OER über OA bis Premium-Inhalte

Learning contents From OER to OA to premium content.

Our learning platform enables the use and creation of freely accessible educational content (short: OER). You can use these free of charge for homework, studies, courses (lessons, lectures) or in continuing vocational training. In addition, you are offered learning content provided by controlled content providers.

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Folge der Lernempfehlung

Knowledge gap Follow the learning recommendation.

You can't get any further in a topic because you lack the basics? Then use our learning recommendation function, which helps you to close your knowledge gap. This allows you to move forward continuously, independently and adapted to your individual speed. Your increase in knowledge is our profit!

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Experimentiere im Internet in Echtzeit

Simulation Experiment on the Internet in real time.

Apply your acquired knowledge practically with the innovative simulator on our intelligent learning platform. Become a researcher and test the limits of nature while safely experimenting in the digital laboratory. Explore the connections and learn to understand them better.

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Spielerisch lernen

Game validation Playful learning.

We are aware that fun can make learning much easier and faster. Therefore we want to motivate you with different playful approaches in our learning contents, learning groups, competitions and learning tests. Everyday life is hard enough. With us you can have fun and at the same time achieve your learning goals.

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Fantastic possibilities Other great features

In addition to these 4 functions, other functions are available to you for your learning success on our intelligent learning platform, some of which are subject to a fee.

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With the help of the statistics you can learn more about your learning progress and your preferences for learning on our learning platform.

The statistics are only available for learning packages that have been developed by SupraTix in a didactic and controlled way.

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We think that fun should not be neglected when learning. That's why we also teach you our contents in a playful way (gamification). Receive awards and surprises for services rendered.

"We still don't take learning lightly. After all, you are now laying the foundation for your future career.

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Here you will find all the tasks you need to do in one place. Check your organisation regularly so that you always have an eye on your tasks.

Of course you can set your own tasks and save them here until you solve them. You can view all completed tasks in a separate list.

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Your profile is your figurehead on our learning platform. You determine which profile picture and which cover picture adorn it. Your colleagues and friends will surely confirm how great you have chosen the pictures. Maybe this will result in one or two break conversations.

With your profile you can also present your successes on our learning platform and link to your social media presence.

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Sometimes you don't see "the forest for the trees". Then you're happy to get help from others. If you are in such a situation on our learning platform, ask your friends by writing them a message.

Note that you can only send a message to someone on our learning platform if you are friends with them on the platform.

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Friends are very important in life. They help us through "thick and thin." For this reason, our learning platform also offers the Friends function. If you get stuck, you can ask colleagues for advice. I'm sure they'll help you.

Check immediately whether your colleagues are on our learning platform and if so, network and become SupraTix friends! Learning together is twice as much fun and that's what we're all about.

Advantages of the Learning Cloud at a glance


  • The learning content can be used independently of the device thanks to defined standards,

  • The performance of each individual can be individually addressed,

  • Qualifications can be determined,

  • Teachers and pupils, trainers and participants in further education are networked,

  • Registration on the LernCloud is free of charge,

  • Multimedia learning content,

  • The shared use of the learning content and the organisational possibilities save a lot of time,

  • Collaborative work on the learning content,

  • The risk of mislicensing is low,

  • The administrative effort is low,

  • The platform offers the highest security standards,

  • Support via telephone and ticket system,

  • The learning platform can also be used privately without additional costs,

  • It offers a wide range of communication and cooperation opportunities.

Our offer in the learning cloud

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